My partner and I had really struggled in the 1st lockdown, going into a very negative cycle together. When we found Xanthia, she quickly helped us to set goals and to understand and address the problems constructively. It was particularly good how she involved us in psychological theory that we could use as a set of tools to address difficult situations together. Through working with her we are now 100 times better at dealing with things, accepting each other’s difficulties and moving on from any negativity.
We would both highly recommend Xanthia as she has been so helpful and enabling to us!’

Male, late 40’s
Male, Late 40's

“This is my second series of counselling with Xanthia. The first time was to explore my anxiety and beliefs which lead to exploring a lot of past experiences. I couldn’t have gotten through this time without the help that counselling offered. The second time I came for therapy it was for different problems I was having, this time the counselling consisted of more practical ideas and suggestions, focusing on rationalising my thought processes which have all immensely helped me to overcome, cope and deal with my depression and low self-esteem. I am now able to overcome stressors and obstructions, my mood has improved massively.”

Female,Late 30’s
Female, Late 30's

“I was very nervous going into counselling, as I’d have to discuss things that I’d never really spoken about before. However, Xanthia helped me to be more comfortable with my thoughts right from the start and also helped me understand why I did certain things when I felt anxious, which then enabled me cope with my anxiety in a more constructive way. I have been shown some positive coping mechanisms, that will be vital moving forward. Thank You”

Male, Early 20’s
Male, Early 20's, Male, Early 20's

“Xanthia is a fantastic counsellor and I truly believe that without her my life wouldn’t be where it is now; a much happier, healthier, positive place. A brilliant listener with some great strategies and tips. I will be sad not to have Xanthia’s weekly input but feel I have been equipped with sufficient treatment /coping mechanisms that I can manage on my own. I am ever so thankful.”

Male, Late 30’s
Male, Late 30's, Male, Late 30's

“I had never attended counselling before until my sessions at Dragonfly Counselling. I was nervous at first but Xanthia immediately put me at ease. The sessions were an opportunity for me to talk about my feelings, relationships and past experiences in a supportive environment. Xanthia is a brilliant counsellor: she is understanding, patient and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone considering counselling”

Female, Early 20’s
Female, Early 20's, Female, Early 20's

“Before I came to counselling I felt nervous and the thought of it was daunting. Knowing I would have to speak about my ‘demons’ was terrifying. However, through the counselling journey I have grown as a person and faced my past, achieved acceptance and moved on. I would one thousand percent recommend counselling. My anxiety is now more controlled, I now understand why I was so anxious and am learning to deal with my panic attacks and stop anxiety having power over me. I feel free”

Female,Late 30’s
Female, Late 30's, Female, Late 30's

“My anxiety is now more controlled, I now understand why I was so anxious and am learning to deal with my panic attacks and stop anxiety having power over me. I feel free!”

Male,Late 20’s
Male,Late 20's, Male,Late 20's