Relationship Counselling

There are many reasons why couples seek counselling: following difficult life events or through times of disharmony where the relationship feels under strain and tension. A common reason couples seek relationship counselling is because they are having difficulties communicating. Whatever the reason, couples counselling can provide you with the opportunity to work on your relationship and overcome the problems that are troubling you.

Some people come for relationship counselling as a couple and others come on their own.

Couples work isn’t easy, and there may be a reason why relationship counselling isn’t right for you at this moment in time. During the consultation, you will be able to explore with your counsellor what difficulties you are having and what you hope to achieve from couples therapy. Following this consultation, you and your counsellor may discuss how to move forward with therapy.

The purpose of couple’s therapy is to provide a safe and confidential space to focus on the relationship by exploring what is and isn’t working for you both. By talking to an impartial therapist with relationship theory and knowledge, you and your partner can explore the relationship in new ways.

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“My anxiety is now more controlled, I now understand why I was so anxious and am learning to deal with my panic attacks and stop anxiety having power over me. I feel free!”

male, late 20’s
male, late 20’s