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About Dragonfly Counselling

Dragonfly counselling is the counselling practice I set up over 6 years ago, working with both individuals and couples as well as going into schools/colleges to provide therapy. The Dragonfly is the symbol of change and self-realization; so too does therapy set out to aid personal growth and bring about a deeper understanding of ourselves, our decisions, and our lives. This is this kind of insight that Dragonfly counselling will guide you towards, whether you’re dealing with anxiety, deep pain and unhappiness, or confusion about a certain aspect of your life. I will provide a safe and caring environment for you to work through these roadblocks and together we will find a way to help you move forward.

As an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, I combine four main counselling approaches which consist of: psychoanalytical relational theory, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, person centred counselling, and mindfulness. What I feel would be most effective for you will determine how I apply these approaches. I may only use one if I feel it is what will be most beneficial, or I may use multiple approaches to varying degrees.

People are unique individuals and so for therapy to be truly effective, my guidance will always reflect this. This may begin as psychoanalytical – to help you firstly understand your emotions – followed then by a cognitive approach to give you the coping skills you need to move forward. Either way, we will explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, helping you to tackle negative thought patterns and psychological blocks, so you can continue to move towards your full potential, find solutions, and regain control.

This is why we are Dragonfly counselling.

My partner and I had really struggled in the 1st lockdown, going into a very negative cycle together. When we found Xanthia, she quickly helped us to set goals and to understand and address the problems constructively. It was particularly good how she involved us in psychological theory that we could use as a set of tools to address difficult situations together. Through working with her we are now 100 times better at dealing with things, accepting each other’s difficulties and moving on from any negativity.
We would both highly recommend Xanthia as she has been so helpful and enabling to us!’

Male, late 40’s
Male, Late 40's