Dragonfly Counselling Therapy Service


Meet Xanthia, an experienced counsellor providing private counselling to individuals  and couples seeking support. Working with a wide variety of problems, from coping with day to day life, to living with mental health disorders, Xanthia offers a variety of skills to help. Bringing experience from person centered counselling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and years of work with adolescents within the educational setting.

Why dragonfly? The dragonfly symbolises change and transformation for self-awareness and mental/emotional well-being – This is Xanthia’s goal as counsellor.

Individuals: Counselling consist of confidential one to one sessions where you will be given the space to talk about your problems and difficulties. The first session will allow you and your counsellor to look at your plans and goals, exploring what you want to again from the sessions, thus choosing the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Counselling is a unique experience for everyone as no two people are the same. For some it may entail a look into the past while others may focus upon practical coping skills such as their management of current circumstances, thoughts, and emotions. To see what previous customers and clients have said please see the testimonials page in the following link. https://dragonflycounselling.org/page/

Couples: There are many reasons why couples seek counselling, whether it be following difficult life events, or times of disharmony where the relationship feels under strain and tension. Whatever the reason couples counselling can provide you with the opportunity to work upon your relationship to overcome the problems that are troubling you.

So is counselling for me? There are many reasons people come to counselling, and all counsellors have different strengths and expertise. At Dragonfly Counselling, Xanthia holds a weight of experience with both adolescents and adults with the following difficulties: Anger, low self-esteem, bereavement, anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, stress, victims of abuse, family difficulties and long term illness. Using an integrative model Xanthia tailors the counselling around you.