Dragonfly Counselling Therapy Service

Dragonfly Counselling provides services for individuals seeking support with either mental health concerns, difficult life events or a general ability to cope. If you are struggling with any of the following then dragonfly counselling could be for you; Anxiety, bereavement, depression, stress, low self esteem, feeling overwhelmed, past trauma, anger. Maybe you simply need some confidential space to talk through things that are bothering you, counselling can help you offload in a safe place.
A self-employed accredited counsellor, professionally trained for 4 years, with ongoing training and development to continually improve an excellent service. Dragonfly counselling consists of both private and public counselling services, including mobile counselling for college students at their place of study.

Counselling consist of one to one sessions where you will be given the space to talk about your problems and difficulties. The first session will allow us to look at potential plans and goals for you, choosing the most appropriate treatment style and explore what you want to again from the sessions.

Alternatively sessions can take place using Skype, this means that you can access the same counselling experience using the internet wherever you are.

Counselling is a unique experience for everyone as no two people are the same, for some it may entail a look into the past, others practical plans and skills, and yet others an exploration of current events, thoughts and feelings. To see what my previous customers and clients have said please see the  testimonials page.