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About Me

Hi there my name is Xanthia, Dragonfly Counselling is the counselling practice I have been providing for over 6 years. I am passionate in working for the well-being of others, to see more of what I do, including Mindfulness classes, please visit my website Wellness with Xanthia Grace.

About Dragonfly Counselling

In the same way that the Dragonfly is the symbol of change and self-realization; so too does therapy set out to help personal growth and bring about a deeper understanding of ourselves, our decisions, and our life. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, feel deep pain and unhappiness, or you’re confused about a certain aspect in your life, it is this kind of insight that Dragonfly counselling will guide you towards. I will provide a safe and caring environment for you to work through these roadblocks and together we will find a way to help you move forward.

Services I Provide

Counselling for Young People

If you are looking to find a counsellor for your teenager then you have come to the right place. Parents/guardians can bring adolescents struggling with emotional/mental wellbeing or going through a difficult time to my Bolton office for counselling – evening or weekend appointments are available.

Relationship Counselling

A common reason couples seek relationship counselling is because they are having difficulties communicating. Whatever the reason, couples counselling can provide you with the opportunity to work on your relationship and overcome the problems that are troubling you.

Therapy for Individuals

Counselling consist of confidential one to one sessions where you will be given the space to talk about your problems and difficulties.The purpose of the consultation is to allow you and your counsellor to look firstly at your difficulties then at your aims, and goals.

What Clients Say